People can get a little aggressive these days when talking about how they stream their music. Some people try to defend what they use and others could care less as long as they can listen to the music that they like. Last weekend I went home and was able to talk with my brother, an Apple Music user, and I asked him about his preference on using Apple Music and weighed it against my preference of Spotify. I was expecting more of a showdown to take place or even a sibling rivalry but instead, it turned out to be a casual chat on both music streaming options. Take a look and enjoy the conversation below.

Spotify (Myself): So why Apple Music?

Apple Music (Brother): Well I don’t like 3rd party apps.

Spotify: What do you mean by third party apps?

Apple: Well I’m a simple man. I have an Apple phone with an Apple music program, why would I need anything else?

Spotify: Okay understandable, Apple Music though was only created just a few years ago (2015), so out of curiosity, how were you streaming music before then?

Apple: I would download music for free then transfer it to my iTunes (which I think we all did back in the day) but you couldn’t always get the best quality out of that.

Spotify: So you used the 3 month trial and then decided to give it a go?

Apple: Yep, I figured a small payment a month for good tunes was worth it!

Spotify: Have you ever tried Spotify before?

Apple: Yeah I did because I thought it was another Pandora (Before Apple Music was a thing) then I found out you have to pay which I’m not about that.

Spotify: Well luckily there’s a free version available so you can always give it a try and both music streaming options are the same price for the full version.

Apple: Yeah but I feel people who have an iPhone and download Spotify are trying to prove a point or something.

Spotify: As in we’re all a bunch of hipsters?

Apple: Yeah, like people are trying to be different by getting a 3rd party app.

Spotify: Well I personally enjoy its set up and the personalization you can do with the music you stream on your account. Also, it’s what I’ve been used to since it came out before Apple Music. Does Apple Music have similar personalization to organizing your music?

Apple: Yes they do, but like I said I’m simple. I almost listen to the same range of music every day.

Spotify: Let me guess, Pearl Jam, Pearl Jam, and more Pearl Jam?

Apple: And some other stuff sprinkled in between.

Spotify: Do you use any of its music discovery or recommendation options?

Apple: I skim through them time to time, but when a band I like releases something or an album becomes available I usually search it out. Do you for Spotify?

Spotify: I like to checkout their Release Radar list to see when new songs drop that are similar to my music taste or when a band I like releases a track.

Apple: Anything you don’t like about the “3rd party” app?

Spotify: Besides it being filled with a bunch of hipsters (kidding), I don’t really have complaints since I’ve used it for so long. Anything you don’t like about Apple?

Apple: Eh, again, can’t complain since I’m able to listen to the music I choose.

Spotify: Anything stand out about Apple Music you like?

Apple: I like checking out lyrics that come up for songs. I usually check them out for songs I’m really into

Spotify: For people who really like doing that as well I think Spotify could expand that option. I mostly stream my music throughout the day but for those that want to sit down and check out lyrics it’d be a cool feature. Possibly a lyric look-up option, or allowing artists to add their lyrics within the app, since there’s only lyrics for songs the company Genius features.

Apple: Anything stand out about Spotify you like?

Spotify: What I’m a big fan of is the “fans also like” feature on an artist’s page, it’s usually why I could spend so long searching for more and more music by clicking on all the recommended artists. I also like that it can be a social app. Sometimes I like making playlists for friends for instance. Just curious, did you ever consider a switchover?

Apple: I’ve dabbled the idea of a switchover but I have too much content on my Apple Music. Honestly, it would take an act of Congress to switch it all over.

Spotify: Okay, that’s fair.

Apple Music: Would you?

Spotify: Eh, I guess I’m the same. I wouldn’t be opposed to trying it out but until then, I’m comfortable with my option, whether its “hipster” or not.


To Conclude: Following this little sit-down I did a quick 24 hour survey on my social media asking “Spotify or Apple Music?”. The result was 44% Spotify and 56% Apple Music out of 150 voters (66 Spotify and 84 Apple Music). There wasn’t a huge percent difference there but I think what it ultimately comes down to is: Preferences. People prefer different layouts and organization so whichever option suits your style is the best one to go with. From the conversation with my brother, I think you can tell between the average Spotify user and average Apple Music user, there isn’t much to debate on. We like what we like and are fine with using what we’re already comfortable with as long as we can play our favorite tunes.


So in that case,

Keep on streaming everybody.

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