Baroness have just concluded a co-headline tour with Deafheaven to be cherished by fans for the ages. The stoner metal legends in Baroness often lean towards the infectious side of indie and punk rock music. With their sense in style and explosive energy on-stage, it was a marvelous pairing to have the band tour North America with none other than blackgaze stalwarts, Deafheaven, and with opening support Zeal & Ardor. I was able to catch their performance on April 7th when the tour made a stop at the one and only Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park, NY.

Baroness is a band to see live, stream loud, and to wear their merch with pride. During the early parts of the evening, it was clear who was there to see them. Fans of the band were lined up at the merch table up throughout most of Zeal & Ardor’s set, who brought an atmosphere that catered toward the dark and mystique expressionism one would find often in world music and even black metal. As Zeal & Ardor concluded their set, Baroness fans roared on up to the barricade to worship a band that merges visual art and sound with color.

From the dawn of the band’s set to the very last note, fans were entranced and fixated from the classic hits of “Purple” with tracks like “Shock Me” to Baroness’ new single “Borderlines.” Throughout their set, I, like most of the crowd, was taking in a visual and energetic spectacle that the band was curating. However, it wasn’t just the fans in the crowd. The energy in the room was uplifting and positive from the fans to the staff to even the bands. At one point I noticed members of Deafheaven were in the crowd during Baroness’ performance taking in the experience for all its worth.

This was a tour for the fans and the bands alike. As much as I, and hundreds more, were there to take in a cultural milestone within the post-metal movement, the very artists who lead this diverse and dynamic genre were out in the crowd supporting their creative peers and enjoying the show as well.

Despite the show having had concluded over a week ago, I still feel as if it was just the other night. Baroness is phenomenal and to have been paired with such a lineup that they were on, made this perhaps one of the best shows I have ever seen. You can catch Baroness this Summer as they partake on their very own headlining tour this July across North America. The band is set to self-release their new album, “Gold and Grey,” which will arrive on June 14th, 2019.