Forth Wanderers and Overcoats wow Schine Underground

Following up Porches and PWR BTTM is a daunting task. Well, it’s not one I’ve ever been faced with, but I imagine it’s daunting. Ask Forth Wanderers and the band will probably agree. They just did it. The Montclair, New Jersey, natives headlined WERW’s laun...

Sound Off

Indie rock outfits Jukebox the Ghost and Io Echo played this year's final Bandersnatch show in the Schine Underground — a show that fell flat thanks to technical difficulties and an unresponsive audience.

Q&A: Jukebox the Ghost

Before Jukebox the Ghost rock the Schine Underground, the band sits down with 20 Watts to discuss their latest album Safe Travels, what it's like working with their favorite producer, and Brooklyn life.